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Episode 61: Life Changes and a missing $2,000!

Nate and Danielle discuss their recent changes to daycare, how that impacts the budget, and a missing $2,000 that caused many minutes of panic.

Show Notes

We recently had a change in our daycare situation and because of that we needed to make some changes to our budget. Instead of going to just a single daycare location, our son is now going to split time between two different locations. This was done for two reasons:

  1. Our current daycare was possibly shutting down and still could
  2. We wanted to prepare him for different situations as he will enter kindergarten next year

With that said, our choice, which we did in the best interest of our son, will cost an extra $400 a month. The additional cost of daycare impacts our ability to put extra down on the house. We plan on making up this money when he goes to school full time as before and after school care is significantly less. This situation will only last for 6 months and then we will have much lower costs as Nate can watch him over the summer.

Missing $2,000

We recently had a scare with our credit cards. As you know, we pay off everything fully at the end of each month, but there was $2,000 missing from our bank account that we needed in order to meet our budget. Most of our banking is done via our phone and our mobile app was not showing the money that we thought that we had.

After panicking for a bit, we settled down and logged into our bank account via the internet, not the mobile app. Sure enough, the missing money was processing and not being reflected in our mobile app. Our budget allowed us to chase down the money that we were missing and showed us the exact amount that we needed to find. Luckily our numbers matched up and we were able to relax.

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