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We are the Budget Couple. We make a bi-weekly podcast that talks about life, family, and how to afford it. Join us on our budgeting journey as we explore the keys to budgeting, personal finance, and more.

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Tag: housing costs

Episode 24: Budget by Numbers

We take a look at traditional budgeting recommendations and see how they hold up to our budget. Show Notes 50/30/20 50% of income on essentials 30% of income on wants 20% of income on savings How this works for us: 39% of income on essentials 13% of income on wants 47% of income on savings Housing 30% of gross (before…

Episode 11: Budget Ratios

In this episode, we talk about budget ratios and how we use them to help guide our decisions. Show Notes Budget ratio general rules 25% housing cost (rent or mortgage, include taxes, insurance, etc) 25% transportation (car, bus, metro, include upkeep of car and insurance) 15% retirement 25% living expenses (food, going out, utilities etc) 10% savings/debt relief Our budget…