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Episode 33: Bathroom Budgeting

Nate and Danielle discuss their bathroom remodel along with the choices they made to fit their budget. They also discuss how they almost lost track of their spending and potentially put the project in jeopardy.

Show Notes

Recently we decided to redo our bathroom. To hear about our thought process and how we paid for everything listen to episodes 28 and 31

Our process began by setting a general budget. Nate estimated roughly 10K. 

From there we got estimates from at least three different contractors. In the end, we had 4, but one of the contractors never came to look at our bathroom, they gave a price based off of a phone call. We didn’t go with them.

The company we went with quoted roughly $4,000 in labor and material costs were totally up to us.

We originally found tiles that we really liked but they were priced at $7.99 a square foot. After doing some research we found a very similar tile at a big box store for $1.89 a square foot.

We price shopped for a lot of other items and found that big box stores were very expensive for items like faucets and shower fixtures but nicely priced on things like exhaust vents, shower doors, and vanities. 


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