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We are the Budget Couple. We make a bi-weekly podcast that talks about life, family, and how to afford it. Join us on our budgeting journey as we explore the keys to budgeting, personal finance, and more.

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Tag: long-term goals

Episode 51: Getting Your Spouse on Board

Nate and Danielle answer a listener question about getting their spouse to agree and stick to a budget. Show Notes Listener Question My husband and I just purchased our first home.  I am super obsessed about managing our finances. I’ve made my own templates for our budget on excel!  I understand his enthusiasm won’t ever match mine, BUT I don’t…

Episode 42: New Years Budget Resolutions

Nate and Danielle discuss their budgeting goals for the year as well as discuss their recent change of banks and the reasons for making some other recent changes to household finances. Show Notes New Year’s Resolutions: Make our money work more – We have been hoarding a lot in checking and savings because there’s been a lot of unknowns with…

How I was raised budgeting

I’ve been told my whole life, “don’t buy things you can’t afford” and “live within your means.” It’s sound advice, but when you break it down, what does it really mean? Affording things is great, but just because you can pay for something doesn’t mean that you should. My parents raised me to respect money and to have an appreciation…